Why students failed in GATE exam even if they work hard?


Why students failed in gate exam even if they work hard?

Asked on October 24, 2017 in Education.
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Yes, I am also a Gate aspirant as many. Got mere 23._ marks in gate Ec 2016.

I’ll tell you what I have done all the 6 months while preparing for Gate.

  • In the month of July, I joined ………….. Coaching in Hyderabad. There the struggle started. I can’t able to listen to the lectures around 6 hours a day.Even though I tried to listen to them, it is merely 2 hours after that I am just a copycat.
  • They(Professors) always suggest us to read once what they taught on that particular day after we went to the room.But I failed in doing that regularly.
  • I have an eager to appear for the exam but never showed any interest in practice.I have planned to learn minimum one concept in a day in each subject but failed in doing that also.I just sit in front of books thinking that I am studying.
  • After 2 months of joining the course, I lost my confidence and can’t able to understand the lectures also.
  • Even at the end of coaching, I didn’t change, I have got only a month to revise since coaching completed by the end of December.

The result FAILED. Have I done any (hard)work to reach my destination.No

I am just an a**hole who wasted my parents hard earn money by simply doing nothing and pretending that I am studying.but


These are the things one need to understand about Gate preparation:-

DO NOT ever think that Gate coaching is must to get the Good score. It just helps you to know how vast the syllabus is and some basic shortcuts which one can easily get by referring to any coaching material.

Do not simply sit in front of books and think that you are studying.

: Without planning, you have nothing doing in Gate.Whenever you are preparing for Gate take a note of whatever you practiced on that particular day.Now I am planning in this way these days.

  • I’ve 6 more months of preparation right now and given 20 days for each subject.
  • make each subject into 4 parts and subdivide them into 16 chapters.Such that you get 1 chapter to complete in a day i.e for 6 hours.
  • maintain separate notebook for the formula for each subject, here the thing is you are the author of that notebook. It saves you lot of time in the last days of revision

I’ve prepared the above strategy such that I can able to write the mock tests in the proper way.

Do not make a research in the subjects, you have not applied for Ph.D., one needs to be smart in the preparation of Gate. If you can’t understand some particular topic just leave that away.

Do not try to understand every topic in every subject, sometimes you need to blindly mug up some formulae just do that.

Do not compare Jee with Gate, perhaps Gate is very easy compared to Jee.

Do not compare yourself with others who are doing good in Gate because they may be started preparation years ago but they won’t tell you that.


Quora: I think the bad ass truth about Quora is addicting to it. Yes, it really kills your time. You need to control by saying to yourself that “ All the top writers in Quora have achieved something in their respective lives. It is time for me to have a memorable story.” of course sometimes the above lines also can’t pay off if you find very interesting or very important thing to know or read in Quora.

Concluding the answer using this one-liner

Never Mistake Motion For Action.

Yes, the above sentence is exactly for me.

If I hadn’t done these things then I might have failed (Maybe. Don’t take it too seriously. It is person specific)

  • If I had not solved Previous Year Questions I wouldn’t have known the level of GATE questions. (You cannot move in the right direction then)
  • If I had started test series early, I could not have tested myself the way I did. It helped me in eliminating silly mistakes and improving my test taking abilities. So GATE aspirants should join Test Series as soon as possible.
  • I wish I had completed my syllabus. I left Analog (MOSFET was tangent to me.) Power Electronics I could never get into that waveform. I stopped trying at the end. All these things count. At last, it led me to some marks cutting in the main exam.
  • If I had allowed that ONE THING to stop me from continuing then I AIR 50 could easily convert into a dream.
  • Motivation is volatile. You need to ignite it daily(By any mean) Commitment to your loved ones will help you do it. Don’t let it slip. Motivation to continue at times can be a factor for failure.

Let me tell you one thing.

  • Our life is totally different.
  • What’s good for me can be ultra bad for you.
  • What’s bad for me can be ultra good for you.
  • If our paths don’t synchronize then any need to panic. You can see what I did and then get your work done in your own way. My way or strategy is just an option. You have your own MagnumOpus Like Strategy.

At any point in time think of getting better when it comes to GATE preparation.

Analyse your marks, rank, revision, and everything related to GATE and then take steps to check that list.

I gave GATE examination twice. I have Good Conceptual Knowledge, can Solve almost all Questions. but, I wasn’t able to be among the Top. I asked many times, what I did wrong?. The Answer to that Question in One Line is “Lack of Presence of Mind in those 3 Hrs of Examination”.

After giving of my Exam, when I analyzed my answers, I made extreme silly mistakes. And this thing happened with most of the candidates. And believe me, Its a very Worse feeling.

Actually, The GATE paper is not Difficult or Extreme Conceptual, but its actually just unpredictable way of Asking Questions. I can Suggest one thing after Preparing for Syllabus, is to prepare for the Correct way of reading and understanding questions and then Answering. This way even, if you were not able to complete your Syllabus, you will surely land Good Marks.

Good Luck 🙂

Answered on October 24, 2017.
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