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Yes definitely and why not.I don’t remember and correct me if I’m wrong that UPSC in its notification mentions anywhere that this particular exam is for toppers only. One can certainly crack ENGINEERING SERVICES EXAMINATION in his or her first attempt and it doesn’t matter whether you are a topper or a mediocre.Your hard work, dedication certainly can make you a GRADE A central government employee.

  1. First go through IES syllabus completely.
  2. Take IES previous year solved paper book.
  3. Read standard textbooks, it will help for both IES as well as your university exam.
  4. Follow below methods for preparation.
    • For next one week before starting the actual study, try to read the whole syllabus once. You must remember entire syllabus content throughout the preparation.
    • Better take 2 subjects at a time (1 Theory sub + 1 problematic sub), so you can handle it better.
    • Before starting a subject, again read respective syllabus one more time and go through previous year questions on that subject, even if you don’t know the concept and answers don’t worry, just attempt/read the question. (Initially, it will take time but you get familiar with questions, while reading you can easily identify questions which were asked earlier, you will get to know difficulty level and how to apply concept for that question).
    • Then start actual reading of subjects, again before starting chapter go through the previous question on that chapter and keep the question in mind then finish a chapter and solve previous year questions on that chapter.
    • Every weekend try to revise what you have studied on weekdays and again solve previous year questions related to one-week study.
    • So keep repeat same thing for remaining subjects too and see the outcome.

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Timetable You should follow while you were doing your GATE & IES preparations

  1. wake in the early morning i.e 5:00 o’ clock. in 10 minutes, complete your all regular universal jobs, do some exercise and go for study.
  2. Choose the GATE/IES subjects which require more concentration, you know that morning is the best time to memorize the things.
  3. Start studying another GATE/IES subjects. study the same for 2- 3 hours
  4. and do same for all subjects. if you are college students then give also some time to college subjects.
  5. Stop discussion useless topics with your friends. Keep yourself out of the discussion. if your friends are also studying for the same then discuss but only the topics. and so on.

Following are the mistakes Everybody does. should not repeat:

  1. Being careless and casual. Wasting time on parties(read alcohol), useless discussions.
  2. Not covering the whole syllabus, especially the newly added part. Remember, it’s added for a reason – More questions.
  3. Not practicing enough on the virtual calculator for GATE.
  4. Getting overconfident on solving questions in a row during the exam. This makes you lose your guard and takes your focus off the small but important things like units, the order of magnitude. This mistake becomes costly in GATE as one had to type the answer to certain questions.
  5. Do not guess if you are born unlucky like me or unless it is your last resort. Greed is such a thing!
  6. Do not become casual after GATE exam if you’re aiming for IES. This happens with a lot of people. Both exams are miles apart in approach and even if you do bad in GATE, consider it a wake up call of sorts.
  7. For IES, prepare conventional questions from the beginning.
  8. Solve ALL PREVIOUS YEARS QUESTIONS. Do not leave a single one of them. At least for objective questions of IES.
  9. Not joining Test series is the biggest mistakes of GATE and IES aspirants. I do nothing but keep you active in preparation, excel your level, and give the experience to handle different types of question in a manageable way.

Test Series:

  • I do recommend Ignited Engineers Test Series bcz it provides test series at a very economical price, and level of questions are good. It provides actual GATE dashboard which is very helpful for the beginners who have never attended GATE exam. It helps you in examine your preparation, to keep yourself active for GATE. This is cheap and best.
  • One main thing about Ignited Engineers is that it provides two-year test validity. Since we have very less time so it is almost impossible to give all test so if you do not attempt some test before GATE exam then you can attempt those after GATE exam if you want to prepare for PSUs after GATE 2018 exam

Hope it helps other aspirants.

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