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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Narendra Modi's Government

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Narendra Modi’s Government?


I voted for Modi too, as I thought it would change every Indian’s life. But , the result is extremely opposite. Here are some points about Narendra Modi which every Indian hate:

1. When the elections are over, he used to go abroad straightaway. When elections come, he flies back to India. If there would be no elections, we cannot see Modi’s face.

2. Farmers are continuously committing suicide. He offered something around 300 rs per bigha to farmers of Rajasthan. But, in every other country, he gives huge amount of money. Why?

3. In every state, where elections are going to happen, he announces for a huge package like Bihar and now, in TamilNadu. Is this not a bribe? Is this not considered as the vote for money?

4. In every 3 days, his ministers and MPs are continuously commenting on Muslims or cow beef. Had he taken any action against them? In fact, it means that he is supporting this environment. It seems that he wants to bifurcate the nation.

5. International Petrol prices are at its lowest, but even then every vegetable and pulses are at its highest prices. Just think, what would happen, if prices of petrol would rise? If he could not bring down the prices of anything when the price was lowest, how could one expect that prices would come down when the petrol price would raise up?

6. He left his elderly mother alone at home at Gujrat.He left his wife as well (Nobody knows where and why). He even betrayed other senior BJP leaders like LK Advani and Murli Manohar Sharma.Can we think such a person can work for the benefit of common Indian man?

I don’t think he knows anything except giving a mind-blowing speech, and ‘Bhaiyo our Behno’

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